Wound closure and simultaneous soft tissue augmentation at fresh extraction sockets: a simplified technique adopting a xenogeneic collagen matrix

Rossi A, Palombo D, Capilupi V, Chiapasco M. 2021. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent;41(3):457-465.

The observational study evaluated wound healing and matrix integration of mucoderm® in fresh extraction sockets of 10 patients.

Material and Methods:
Patients were enrolled for tooth extraction presenting either endo-perio lesion or root caries/ fractures, respectively. The group was divided in n=5 for immediate submerged implants and n=5 for socket preservation, all sockets filled with a collagenated determineralized bovine bone and sealed with mucoderm®. Healing time and quality of wound closure were assessed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks as well as esthetic integration ΔE.


The mean colorimetric esthetic score between the regenerated site and the surrounding gingiva resulted in overall excellent integration ˂3.7.

In 90% of all cases full wound closure with healthy keratinized tissue was achieved at 8 weeks.

The presented technique is a valuable and minimally invasive approach for socket sealing and simultaneous soft tissue grafting with mucoderm® as ideal collagen matrix for esthetic outcomes.

Speaker: Alessandro Rossi


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