14th May., 2020 | Singapore

Workshop at the ITI in Singapore

The use of acellular dermal matrices in the soft tissue management around teeth and implants

Time: 14:30 – 16:00

The goal of mucogingival procedures is to obtain complete root coverage, up to the cementoenamel junction, along with an increase of soft tissue thickness to maintain the result in the long term, reducing the risk of recession recurrence. The use of a coronally advanced flap in conjunction with a collagen matrix avoids the need for autograft harvesting, thus reducing patient morbidity and discomfort.
The use of a promising porcine acellular dermal matrix for peri-implant soft tissues thickness increase as well as its long-term clinical outcome will also be described.

The theoretical workshop will enable participants to learn:
– flap design for the treatment of single and multiple recession defects and split-full-split flap elevation
– how to use acellular dermal matrices for recession coverage and peri-implant soft-tissue management
– details of suturing techniques

Venue: Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150, Singapore

REGISTRATION ON interplan.eventsair.com/iti-world-symposium-2020

Speaker: Dr. Martina Stefanini


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