Using biomaterials to obtain the 3A-2B biological rule; the tool for implant planning, placement and restoration

Fernando Rojas Vizcaya

Two simple and basic biological concepts, related to the average dimension of the biological width and the required thickness of the remaining buccal bone after implant placement, are joined in the concept of a biological rule, to be used as a tool for planning the cases where dental implants are needed.

The application of this rule, will show us, that sometimes, bone reduction will be required in order to achieve the ideal esthetic crown and at the same time the pink esthetic is obtained. This rule can be applied in single restorations or in full mouth restorations. This presentation is based on; Rojas-Vizcaya, F. Biological aspects as a rule for single implant placement. The 3A-2B rule: A clinical report. J Prosthodont. 2013 Oct; 22(7):575-80.

Learning Objectives:

This presentation describes the use of biomaterials in order to obtain the rule in different cases.

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