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- Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, University of Michigan, School of Dentistry - Adjunct Assistant Professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery, Boston University - Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania, dept. of Endodontics - Honorary Professor of the "Carol Davila" University Bucharest, Invited Senior Guest - Visiting Professor University of Szeged faculty of dentistry - Visiting professor department of Implantology in Temeschburg - Dr. Steigmann lectures and publishes extensively - Member of several associations (such as DGOI, FIZ, BDIZ and ICOI) - He is a Diplomate of the ICOI and other European societies - Member of the board of the DGOI - Dr. Steigmann also received the medal of “Semmelweiss“ Budapest University dental school, dept. of oral and maxillofacial surgery - Dr. Steigmann received his PhD from University of Neumarkt 2005 - Founder and Scientific chairman of “Update Implantology Heidelberg” 2002-2012 - Dr. Steigmann served as ICOI Vice President of Germany 2005-2011 - Founder and director of the “Steigmann Institute” - Dr. Steigmann maintains a private practice in Neckargemünd, Germany
02nd Feb., 2018 Athens
bone & tissue days Athens 2018

10th May., 2018 Tel Aviv
bone & tissue days Tel Aviv 2018

09th Nov., 2018 Berlin, Barcelona, Warsaw
bone & tissue days World Congress 2018

15th Nov., 2019 Bucharest
bone & tissue days Bucharest 2019

30th Mar., 2022 Estoril

16th Sep., 2022 Bucharest
6th European Scientific Meeting