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- Dr. Shteif graduated from medical school in 1992 and completed maxillofacial residency in 2003. He is specialized in head and neck surgery in Israel and abroad: Bruges, Belgium (1999,2003), Turin and Cuneo, Italy (2005), Johannesburg, South Africa (2006) and Frankfurt, Germany (2011). - Senior consultant at the Maxillofacial Unit of Baruch-Padeh Medical Center (Israel) since 12 years. Since 2015, he is a senior consultant in the Head and Neck Surgery Unit of "Carmel" hospital, Haifa, Israel. - Main research interests are: orthogenetic surgery, face trauma, dental implants, ridge and sinus augmentation procedures. - Lecturer in Israel and abroad to physicians and students on relevant topics. - Owner of a multidisciplinary private practice that mainly specializes in dental implants and complex bone augmentation.