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UPDATE: permamem® – Guided Bone Regeneration with a new non-resorbable membrane

Stavros Pelekanos

This webinar will present the clinical application of a new high-density PTFE membrane in horizontal and vertical ridge augmentation with focus on the handling/fixation, indications and new clinical cases.

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a well-established technique in modern dentistry to augment lost hard tissue around dental implants.

The basic principle of this method is the placement of a barrier membrane between the soft tissue and residual bone in order to prevent the fast-proliferating epithelial cells from populating the bony defect and to provide space and time for the migration of slow-dividing osteogenic cells into the defect area.

In the course of the evolution of those techniques, different types of membranes have evolved, which can be divided into either non-resorbable or resorbable membranes.

Non-resorbable membranes were first introduced in the dental field and are primary made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

They maintain their structural integrity over the whole healing period and are specifically used to regenerate bone defects outside the bony envelope due to a higher stability and better space maintenance properties when compared to resorbable membranes.

In this webinar, GBR procedures with different types of membranes will be addressed, with special focus on a new PTFE membrane.

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