REVIEW 25 November 2022 | Madrid

Workshop: The “one abutment-one time” concept – when and how?

Biologic width around teeth is a well-established term although still controversial sometimes regarding numbers. It is getting more complicated when the same term is used around implants, since technology and human intervention are adding many factors affecting the transmucosal zone in quality and quantity.

Modern implant abutment designs, connections, materials and clinical protocols are critical factors establishing the mucosal seal at the abutment level. The use of the “one abutment-one time” is shown to be beneficial throughout the years in keeping the soft and hard tissue integration as high as possible.

The aim of this presentation is to emphasize in differences between teeth and implants, to analyze and categorize different treatment modalities, focusing on the methodology and treatment workflow in aesthetic implant cases and finally give some guidelines to achieve optimum aesthetic results.

At the end of this presentation the participants will be able to:
– understand the biological differences between teeth and implants
– design the appropriate transmucosal zone around implants
– select the appropriate implant abutment (material, dimensions and shape) and treatment workflow for enhanced esthetic and functional results

Venue: Palacio Neptuno Calle de Cervantes, 42, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Speaker: Dr. Stavros Pelekanos


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