The bone ring technique – new perspectives in augmentation

Bernhard Giesenhagen

Dr. Giesenhagen presents the bone ring technique which allows bone augmentation and implant placement to be performed simultaneously in a single procedure.

Dr. Giesenhagen is an implantologist with more than 30 years of experience in implant dentistry and inventor of the allogenic Bone Ring Technique.

In this webinar, he will present clinical data on the basis of his 12-year experience to state the possibilities and limitations of the bone ring technique for bone defect augmentation with maxgraft® bonering. He will explain the procedure step-by-step including the combined use of biomaterials, a bovine grafting material (cerabone®) and a pericardium membrane (Jason® membrane) for a good clinical outcome. The bone ring technique is applicable for almost all indications, including sinus floor elevation.

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