Dr. Ross Cutts
United Kingdom (UK)



Systematic biomaterial selection: Choosing the right biomaterial in every clinical situation – WEBINAR

Ross Cutts

In this webinar Dr Cutts will share his experience with botiss biomaterials for bone augmentation procedures, ranging from every day to more challenging clinical cases.

Dr Cutts is an experienced implantologist with a private practice in Cirencester / UK. He is an ITI fellow and ITI study club director as well as coordinator for the UK. He is committed to aesthetic dentistry and a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD).

The botiss range offers reliable treatment possibilities to match the demands of any indication. The high-quality and clinically proven solutions include membranes for guided tissue and bone regeneration and soft tissue reconstruction, as well as a full range of bovine, allogeneic and synthetic bone substitute materials.

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