REVIEW 17-18 May 2019 | Kaunas

Straumann Forum Kaunas



Limits and possibilities of biomaterials in dental surgery
For the reconstruction of alveolar ridge defects, besides autologous bone various bone graft materials have been established. Depending on the specific material and indication, they demonstrate excellent results without the need for harvesting patients own bone. While autologous bone as a free osteogenic transplant has the possibility to be revitalized by the ingrowth of new blood vessels, the regeneration of osteoconductive bone grafts is based on the angiogenic development and osteogenic differentiation of perivascular stem cells. The counteracting ingrowth of the quickly proliferating soft tissue can be avoided by the use membranes that are long-term stable, but permeable to blood vessels. In addition, the success of the augmentation depends on the biochemical properties of the applied bone graft material. These materials demonstrate fundamental differences regarding volume stability as well as surface topography.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Rothamel


Žalgirio Arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, Kaunas 44334, Lithuania

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