Socket sealing post-extractive with xenogenic porcine collagen matrix: a prospective clinical trial

Chiapasco M., Rossi AL., Capilupi V., Palombo D. 2019.

A prospective clinical trial evaluated the efficacy of mucoderm® in socket sealing of post-extraction sites or immediate submerged implant placement, respectively.

Different parameters:
Exposed surface at the end of surgery, soft tissue healing, histological tissue analysis and aesthetic performance were analyzed in 10 patients.

mucoderm® sealing resulted in full wound closure and healthy keratinized tissue with no signs of aberrations or anomalies. The matrix presents a valuable alternative with a high aesthetic outcome allowing second intention healing of post extraction sockets.

Matteo Chiapasco, Alessandro Rossi, David Palombo



  1. Dr Sergio Tobón
    Dr Sergio Tobón May 02, 2019 at 14:04

    This membrane could be used over cerabone graft directly? Without periosteum under it?

  2. Botiss biomaterials

    Thank you for your question. mucoderm® can be used to cover cerabone® or any other bone graft. In that sense, it also acts as a barrier membrane. Mind to cover mucoderm® by the flap as much as possible to ensure revitalization of the dermal matrix. Ideally, a full thickness-flap should be raised.

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