Simultaneous Implant & Bone Block placement

Howard Gluckman

This lecture will go through the different techniques and materials necessary to carry out these procedures as well as provide hints and tips for the successful treatment of your patients.

In order to achieve stable soft tissue we require stable buccal bone.

In order to achieve this we need to ensure space maintenance and stable bone. There are many techniques to achieve this but none better than autogenous bone plates. More recently the use of allogenic plates has been introduced and makes the use of these techniques far easier as they provide the majority of the bone without having to go to a second site. The use of these plates creates the ideal vessel for guided bone regeneration and by placing an implant at the same time greatly reduces the treatment time for the patient by up to 4-6 months. It also limits the number of surgical interventions the patient will need to go through. So with less second site morbidity and improved graft stability this is fast becoming the ultimate in guided bone regeneration.

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