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Reconstructive periodontal plastic surgery in the esthetic zone

Giovanni Zucchelli

Treatment of gingival recession has become an important therapeutic issue due to the increasing number of cosmetic requests from patients.

Patients aesthetic demand, due to the exposure, during smiling or function, of portions of the root surface, is the main indication for root coverage surgical procedures. Very often the most coronal millimeter/s of the root exposure is the only visible part of the recession when smiling, therefore the presence and/or the persistence after therapy, even of a shallow recession may be an aesthetic problem for the patient. Thus, complete root coverage, up to the cemento-enamel junction, is the goal to be achieved when patient complains about the aesthetic appearance of his/her teeth. The coronally advanced flap has been used to treat single and multiple recession defects affecting adjacent teeth in patients with aesthetic demands. This surgical technique has been demonstrated to achieve complete root coverage in most of the patients irrespective to the number of recessions treated in each intervention.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn about the adjunctive use of substitute material and biological mediators will be discussed.

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