Open healing in socket and ridge preservation

permamem® is composed of biologically inert, high-density PTFE.
After application to the alveolar socket, the membrane can be left exposed to the oral cavity as it acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration thanks to its dense structure.

Since no primary wound closure is required, the soft tissue architecture and contours are maintained. The missing flap closure avoids displacement of the mucogingival line thus preserving the attached gingiva. Likewise, the aesthetic outcome is improved as the non-surgical removal of the membrane after the healing time omits the need for big surgical incisions. In addition, the blue color facilitates the recovery of the membrane for removal. After removal of permamem®, the primary healing process and the reepithelialization of the regenerated soft tissue is completed within about one month.


– Impervious to bacteria
– Maintenance of the soft tissue contours
– Preservation of vestibular depth
– Non-surgical removal
– Easy recovery thanks to blue color
– Easily removable thanks to minimal tissue ingrowth into the surface structure
– Ultra-thin (~0.08 mm)


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