Predictable reconstruction of the alveolar process for implant placement

Harry Apostolidis

This webinar will show and discuss requirements for dental implant placement with focus on cases where staged bone reconstruction is indispensable. Adequate bone volume of the alveolar processes is a prerequisite for dental implant placement. If the bone volume is inadequate, simultaneous implant placement and guided bone regeneration is applied to those cases that the implant can be safely placed, with adequate primary stability, in the correct 3D position to ensure proper prosthetic rehabilitation. If these prerequisites are not met (adequate primary stability and prosthetically driven placement), then a staged bone augmentation approach must be undertaken. The webinar will focus in such cases that a staged reconstruction is necessary. Especially, the predictability of autologous bone, along with the simultaneous use of a xenograft (cerabone®) and a collagen membrane (Jason® membrane), will be discussed and shown, through a number of cases, from the simpler to the largest osseous defect reconstructions.

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