Porcine dermis and pericardium-based, non-cross-linked materials induce multinucleated giant cells after their in vivo implantation: A physiological reaction?

Barbeck M, Lorenz J, Grosse Holthaus M, Raetscho N, Kubesch A, Booms P, Sader R, Kirkpatrick CJ, Ghanaati S. J Oral Implantol. 2015; 41(6):e267-81. Epub 2014

The present study analyzed the tissue reaction to two novel porcine-derived collagen materials: pericardium versus dermis.

Tissue reactions were investigated after subcutaneous implantation in mice. Histologic, histochemical, immunohistologic, and histomorphometric analysis methodologies were applied.

Results / Conclusion:
The pericardium-derived membrane induced two different cellular tissue reactions. The compact surface induced mononuclear cells and multinucleated giant cells, and underwent a complete degradation until day 30. The spongy surface of the membrane induced mainly mononuclear cells, and served as a stable barrier membrane for up to 60 days. The present data demonstrate the diversity of the cellular tissue reaction toward collagen-based materials from different tissues.

Mike Barbeck


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