Periimplant mucosa augmentation with an acellular collagen matrix

Zafiropoulos GG, Al-Asfour A. A, Abuzayeda M, Perić Kačarević Z, Murray C. A and Trajkovski B. 2021. Periimplant mucosa augmentation with an acellular collagen matrix. Membranes 11(9): 698.

Retrospective analysis of 27 implant restorations in which the periimplant keratinized mucosa (PI-KM) was treated with mucoderm® during a 6 months follow-up period.
27 prosthetically restored implants in 14 patients were evaluated according to the clinical parameters: changes in PI-KM width, bleeding on probing (BOP) and shrinkage of mucoderm® pre-operatively and 6 months after surgery.
Postoperative healing and maintenance period were uneventful, with no complications regarding implant loss or inflammation. Across 27 implants, the width of PI-KM increased from pre-operative (1.1 +/- 0.3 mm) to 6 months post-op (6.5 +/- 0.9 mm). The mean mCM shrinkage was 3.9 mm or 42%, respectively. The shrinkage did not vary by gender, area, arch, or BOP.
mucoderm® can effectively used to increase the PI-KM width. Clinical outcomes in terms of tissue shrinkage were similar or even better compared with data from literature with only minor post-operative discomfort for the patients.

Gregor-Georg Zafiropoulos 


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