REVIEW 29 March 2019 | Rotterdam

Peri-implant soft tissue thickening and socket preservation techniques: Different materials for different indications

– Workshops at the ITI Congress Benelux

Friday, 29th March: 15:45 – 17:15

Workshop Content

Dimensional and structural alterations of the alveolar process are well-documented consequences of tooth extraction in the aesthetic zone, with several factors influencing bone modelling, such as flapless extractions, ridge preservation techniques and immediate implant placement.

Furthermore, soft tissue alterations may follow tooth extraction, in particular loss of keratinized mucosa width, with a significant impact on the aesthetic and functional outcomes of future implant-supported restorations.

The optimal timing for implant placement and the necessity of alveolar ridge preservation or peri-implant augmentation procedures are still debated: in this workshop, different regenerative biomaterials will be discussed, matching clinical experience with current scientific literature.

SPEAKER: Dr. Piero Papi



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