Report of two cases with cerabone® on the treatment of large alveolar bone defects

Buccal fat pad-derived stem cells in three-dimensional rehabilitation of large alveolar defects: A report of two cases.
Khojasteh A, Hosseinpour S, Rezai Rad M, Alikhasi M. J Oral Implantol. 2018 Oct 3.


This report of two cases describes the treatment of large alveolar bone defects using orally-derived stem cells in combination with autografts and cerabone®. 

Several impacted, non-erupted teeth in the maxilla and mandible of two patients were extracted and the bone defects were augmented with autologous cortical plates and adipose- derived stem cells-loaded cerabone® particles.

Six months after bone augmentation up to seven implants each site were successfully placed. At 48 months post-operative, radiographies showed 100% survival of all placed implants.

The presented approach demonstrates a considerable amount of three dimensional bone formation in both cases. The application of adipose- derived stem cells isolated from buccal fat pad in combination with cerabone® can be considered as an efficient treatment for bone regeneration in large alveolar bone defects.

Arash Khojasteh


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