New possibilities in hard and soft tissue management around dental implants Part 2 – WEBINAR

Dr. Massimo Frosecchi

bone & tissue days Mexico 2020

In this webinar, Dr. Frosecchi will be sharing his knowledge about risk related to hard and soft tissue factors in daily practice. He will discuss the integration of new and old tools in implant and regenerative dentistry.

Implant dentistry now gets predictable results in many different conditions and is often a first-choice solution for many cases. Despite generally good outcomes, a number of possible complications have emerged in recent years. Many complications are represented by mechanical and prosthetic adverse events, but aesthetic and biological complications are also a frequent problem. In the last decade, clinicians have seen evidence from scientific papers that implants require not only a sufficient volume of bone, but also a sufficient amount stable keratinized soft tissue to ensure survival and success in medium and long terms.

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