Dr. Hassan Maghaireh
United Kingdom (UK)


REVIEW 20 May 2022 | Abu-Dhabi

Masterclass in Guided Bone Regeneration Skills

2:45 pm-10:00 pm

This course will offer clinical skills and tips in how to diagnose, plan and perform a successful guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry.
Dr. Maghaireh will present his up-to-date philosophies and techniques in achieving predictable bone management in implants in the anterior zone such as:
– Layering Techniques
– Socket Grafting
– Membrane stabilization

02:45pm-3:00pm: Registration
03:00pm-4:15pm: Why do we need guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry
04:15pm-4:30pm: Coffee break
04:30pm-05:45pm: Contemporary approaches in guided bone regeneration
05:45pm-06:00pm: Coffee break
06:00pm-07:30pm: Hands-on: Socket Grafting
07:30pm-07:45pm: Coffee break
07:45pm-09:30pm: Hands-on: GBR & membranes management / stabilization
09:30pm-10:00pm: Dinner

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