REVIEW 16 June 2022 | Copenhagen

Key for success in regeneration: choosing and combining biomaterials and hyaluronic acid

Choosing the right biomaterials is part of clinical competence and is the foundation of long-term success. In addition to the clinical evidence for individual biomaterials that demonstrate their efficacy and mode of action, a sophisticated combination with biologics allows for improved handling and clinical outcome.

Recently cerabone® plus was introduced, a combination of hyaluronic acid, which is well known for its liquid binding capacity and outstanding bioactive properties (graft vascularization and improved wound healing), and the established bovine bone substitute cerabone®.

The speakers will present successful combinations of biomaterials for the daily clinical routine.


  • Understand the rationale of using a comprehensive set of biomaterials: 360° botiss regeneration system.
  • Learn about the properties of hyaluronic acid and how biofunctionalization affects tissue regeneration.
  • Witness how “sticky bone” composed of hyaluronic acid and cerabone® facilitates clinical handling and applicability.

DATE  Thursday June 16th 2022, 4:30 – 5:30 pm
HALL Auditorium 15

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