Keratinised mucosa. Does it really matter?

Attila Horvath

The importance of the keratinized mucosa is highly debated. During the webinar, the different points of view found in the literature and new, preliminary clinical data on the reconstruction of the keratinized tissue will be presented.

Various pieces of evidence exist in the literature on the importance of keratinised gingiva and peri-implant mucosa. In addition, the presence/absence of attached mucosa often colours the picture. Consensus seems to be outlined that in case of excellent individual oral hygiene, no minimum amount of keratinised peri-implant mucosa (PIKM) is required. Although, in all other cases, sufficient amount of PIKM helps to reduce plaque accumulation, inflammation, pocket depth and bone loss.

The webinar will address the above issues by giving an overview of the current literature with numerous clinical cases and the results of own studies. Furthermore, handy recommendation of reconstructing the keratinised tissue in the daily practice by various methods and materials including ECTG and mucoderm will be presented.


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