Ice-cone cream technique with maxresorb® and collprotect® membrane – SURGERY

In this surgical video, Dr. Caiazzo demonstrated his ice-cone cream technique for socket preservation.

Dr. Caiazzo is Vice President of the Italian Academy of Osteointegration (IAO) and founding member of the European Society of Dental & Craniofacial Stem Cells (ESDCSC). He is author of several articles in international journals and maintains a practice limited to oral surgery and implant dentistry in Salerno, Italy.

After tooth extraction in the anterior maxilla, the socket is preserved with synthetic grafting material and a collagen membrane in a so-called ice-cone cream technique. In this technique, the collprotect® membrane is cut in shape and placed at the buccal site of the alveoli. The socket is then filled with maxresorb® and the membrane folded over the augmented area. The membrane is fixated by a few sutures.

Alfonso Caiazzo

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