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10 – 12 October 2019

Workshop by Dr. Stavros Pelekanos on the 10th October 2019 from 10-13 and Lecture on Friday 11th October from 9-9.45.

WORKSHOP: Single implant placement in the esthetic zone with or without GBR – Incision design and soft tissue management

The participants will have the opportunity to work on special constructed models with soft tissue and practice on the following procedures: Immediate implant placement into an extraction socket; Intraoral preparation and placement of free gingival graft into the extraction socket; Incision flap design in the esthetic zone; Horizontal guided bone regeneration (GBR) using allograft and resorbable membrane with tacks; Preparation and placement of connective tissue graft harvested from the palate; Suturing techniques

LECTURE: Treatment modalities in developing the transmucosal contour around implants. What is new?

It is a great challenge for the clinician to choose a methodology before even tooth extraction for the establishment of the new biologic width and transmucosal profile of the future implant. It is of great importance the decision-making regarding immediate implant placement or not after extraction, immediate placement of the healing abutment, immediate loading or complete coverage of the site.
The soft and/or hard tissue enhancement in the majority if not all of the cases in the esthetic zone is absolutely necessary in order to achieve a highly esthetic and natural appearance of the implant crown. The timing, the material selection and the treatment modality, as well as the type of the prosthetic restoration further complicate the decision-making and affect the final result, especially in patients with thin biotype.
This presentation will focus on the methodology of the implant site development, especially in demanding esthetic cases, on today’s knowledge of the biology of different materials, abutment selection (customized vs. prefabricated abutments, screw- vs. cement-retained), and give some guidelines to achieve optimum esthetic results. Finally, new approaches with the help of clinical case presentations will be discussed.

VENUE: Nadbiskupsko sjemenište u Splitu I Ulica Zrinsko-frankopanska 19, 21000 Split, Croatia



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