Effect of flapless ridge preservation with two different alloplastic materials in sockets with buccal dehiscence defects—volumetric and linear changes

Naenni Nadja, Sapata V, Bienz SP, Leventis M, Jung RE, Hämmerle C.H.F, Thoma DS. Clinical Oral Investigations. 2017. [Epub ahead of print].

Two alloplastic materials used for ridge preservation (RP) were tested regarding their superiority in terms of volumetric and linear ridge changes over time.


In 16 adult beagle dogs, the distal roots of P3 and P4 were extracted and 50% of the buccal bone plate removed. Ridge preservation was performed randomly using two different alloplastic bone grafting substitutes and covered by Jason® membrane.

Results / Conclusion:
Both ridge preservation procedures minimized the volume loss compared to spontaneous healing. Jason® membrane acted as efficient barrier membrane for ridge preservation procedures.

Nadja Naenni


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