Cutting edge techniques in bone augmentation using a customized allogenic block

Oliver Blume

In this webinar Oliver Blume will share his experience and detailed information about using customized allogenic bone blocks for bone augmentation in challenging situations.

Despite the development of short and diameter-reduced implants, many patients still require alveolar ridge augmentation procedures to facilitate optimal implant stability and hence, clinical success.

Digital technology now gives us the opportunity to visualize the bone defects by means of digital data based on CT or CBCT a customized allogenic block is designed to match each individual defect situation. This saves the patient an additional surgical site and pain, but also reduces the surgical time, since no manual adjustment of the block to the defect situation is necessary, with comparable clinical outcomes compared to autologous bone blocks.

As one of the first users Dr. Oliver Blume will present clinical data and cases from his 5 years of experience using customized allogenic blocks giving insights into his surgery methods and incision techniques.

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