Case report shows full remodelling of maxgraft® bonebuilder after 5 years

Customized allogeneic bone grafts for maxillary horizontal augmentation: a 5 years follow-up radiographic and histologic evaluation

Gruppe Kloss FR, Offermanns V, Donkiewicz P, Kloss-Brandstätter A. Clin Case Rep. 2020;00:1–8.

This case report shows the full remodelling of maxgraft® bonebuilder after 5 years.

We report the histological evaluation of an individualized allogeneic bone block 5 years after alveolar ridge augmentation. The biopsy showed a well-vascularized lamellar bone with fatty incorporations without any avital allograft remnants. The presence of osteocytes, lining cells, macrophages, and blood vessels indicated a healthy and vital bone tissue.

First published 11 March 2020

Frank Kloss

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