CASE OF THE MONTH 11/2022: Sinus lift and lateral bone augmentation with cerabone® and maxgraft®

Dr. David Chávarri Prado

Due to periodontal disease, the patient (65 years) had a failure of the fixed prosthesis in the second quadrant and presented with severe bone atrophy, both in height and width. A lateral sinus lift and simultaneous GBR were performed using a 50/50 mix of cerabone® and maxgraft® granules and PRGF. The augmented area was covered and stabilized with Jason® membrane, which has a naturally long barrier function and high tear resistance. Six months later, at the re-entry very good bone reconstruction was achieved.

The „Case Of The Month“ highlights every month a clinical case, which distinguished itself by the clinical results or the treatment concept in combination with the applied botiss biomaterials. The selection of the case is based on content relevance and quality of the documentation.

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  1. carlo rauso
    carlo rauso Nov 11, 2022 at 8:42

    è fantastico il risultato complimenti

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