CASE OF THE MONTH 03/2022: GBR with simultaneous implant placement and widening of KM with mucoderm®

Dr. Marko Blašković

Eight weeks after tooth extraction GBR was performed with simultaneous implant placement. The combination of cerabone® with autologous bone and Jason® membrane led to a beautiful restoration of the missing bone volume.
Additionally, broadening of the keratinized mucosa was required but the patient refused to undergo a FGG grafting procedure. Thanks to mucoderm® (acellular dermal collagen matrix) the treatment was carried out successfully and a greater width of keratinized mucosa was achieved.

The „Case Of The Month“ highlights every month a clinical case, which distinguished itself by the clinical results or the treatment concept in combination with the applied botiss biomaterials. The selection of the case is based on content relevance and quality of the documentation.

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