CASE OF THE MONTH 01/2023: Maxillary bone reconstruction in the anterior area with cerabone® and Jason® membrane

Pierre-Yves Gegout and Prof. Olivier Huck

Patient presented with loss of interdental papilla and gingival inflammation in the aesthetic zone. After extraction of teeth 12 and 11, the area was rinsed with chlorhexidine and saline. The distinct ridge defect was then reconstructed immediately using cerabone® and Jason® membrane. Thanks to  the long-term volume stability of cerabone®, the clinical situation presents itself stable with a fixed bridge after 22 months follow up.

The „Case Of The Month“ highlights every month a clinical case, which distinguished itself by the clinical results or the treatment concept in combination with the applied botiss biomaterials. The selection of the case is based on content relevance and quality of the documentation.

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