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REVIEW | Istanbul

bone & tissue days Istanbul

360° World of Regeneration

FRIDAY | 20th September
WORKSHOP DAY (Workshops run in parallel I Each workshop is limited to 20 participants)

SATURDAY | 21st September

08:00–09:15 Registration

09:15–09:30 Congress Opening ZOLTAN KASAP, Director International Sales & Marketing, botiss biomaterials

09:30–11:00 DANIEL ROTHAMEL: Grafting procedures in dental implant treatment: Autogenous bone and alternatives

11:00–11:30 Coffee break

11:30–13:00 LEONARDO TROMBELLI: Single Flap Approach – a simplified procedure for periodontal regeneration

13:00–14:00 Lunch break

14:00–15:30 OLIVER BLUME: Successful concepts of challenging hard and soft tissue defects

15:30–16:00 Coffee break

16:00–17:30 ORCAN YÜKSEL: The regenerative procedures of hard and soft tissue in the aesthetic region


Daniel Rothamel
LECTURE I Grafting procedures in dental implant treatment: Autogenous bone and alternatives

For the reconstruction of alveolar ridge defects, besides autologous bone various bone graft materials have been established. Depending on the specific material and indication, they demonstrate excellent results without the need for harvesting patients own bone. While autologous bone as a free osteogenic transplant has the possibility to be revitalized by the ingrowth of new blood vessels, the regeneration of osteoconductive bone grafts is based on the angiogenic development and osteogenic differentiation of perivascular stem cells. The counteracting ingrowth of the quickly proliferating soft tissue can be avoided by the use of membranes that are long-term stable, but permeable to blood vessels. In addition, the success of the augmentation depends on the biochemical properties of the applied bone graft material. These materials demonstrate fundamental differences regarding volume stability as well as surface topography.

WORKSHOP I Limits and possibilities of biomaterials in dental surgery

During the workshop, different techniques for lateral and vertical ridge augmentation and soft tissue management will be discussed.

Leonardo Trombelli
LECTURE I Single Flap Approach – a simplified procedure for periodontal regeneration

Deep intrabony defects represent a challenge for the clinician as they can lead to tooth loss if not treated properly. Over the past years, various approaches have emerged, aiming to improve the clinical conditions of the tooth affected by the lesion. The single flap approach (SFA) in combination with regenerative devices is a simplified surgical procedure to effectively treat deep intrabony defects while minimizing surgical trauma and post-surgical complications. In this course, Prof. Leonardo Trombelli, an expert of the SFA procedure, presents its indications and surgical protocol.

Oliver Blume
LECTURE + WORKSHOP I Successful concepts of challenging hard and soft tissue defects

Allogenic block grafts are being successfully used for 3D reconstruction in a variety of different bone defects. Key to success is meticulous soft tissue management, starting at planning of the incision line, mobilization but also subsequent soft tissue modification using collagen matrices. Technical and clinical considerations based on routine clinical use will be presented for bone grafting using the customized maxgraft® bonebuilder as well as soft tissue augmentation with mucoderm®. During the hands-on part flap preparation and suturing techniques will be demonstrated that enable tension-free soft tissue coverage after bone block augmentation. Vertical soft-tissue augmentation.

Orcan Yüksel
LECTURE I The regenerative procedures of hard and soft tissue in the aesthetic region

An implant borne restoration in harmony with the surrounding hard and soft tissue needs perfect bone and soft tissue during implant placement or has to be build up to optimum level. The predictability of aesthetic success depends on the volume of tissue loss present at the initiation of treatment. Diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning are critical in obtaining a successful outcome. In this presentation an overview of different materials and techniques will be discussed. Aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth with implant supported restorations is one of the most difficult procedures to execute. According the treatment protocol, additional length of time required for treatment and additional costs that will be incurred. In most cases the patient’s knowledge is not enough to understand the required steps for an aesthetic tooth replacement; with this in mind it is important to establish clinical concepts with clearly defined parameters that lead to success with long term stability of the peri-implant tissues.

WORKSHOP I Update in Bone-Ring Technique: Results after 5 years with allografts in 3-dimensional augmentation

The Bone-Ring Technique can also be performed using prefabricated bone rings of processed allogenic donor bone. The ‘allograft bonering technique’ allows bone augmentation and implantation in a onestage procedure like classical bone-ring technique but eliminates the bone harvesting. ‘Allograft bone-rings’ eliminate the need for second surgical side to harvest and adjust bone blocks manually to the defect. Thereby, allograft bonering reduces pain, risk of infection, morbidity, and operation-time significantly. The bone ring with allografts shows after 5 years clinical usage good results for both, vertical and horizontal augmentation and a very good new bone formation. Biopsies taken after 6 months and later as well as the clinical outcome will be discussed in this presentation. This workshop will show a step-bystep protocol and new details with different clinical indications. To improve the success, important suture techniques and the tensionfree wound closure will be demonstrated. The simplicity of the surgical treatment of three dimensional bone defects is now possible with this recommended technique. In this presentation recent clinical and animal studies with the allografts and autogenic bone-rings will be presented and outcomes discussed.

400 € Lecture Day
200 € Workshop

Registration for the lecture day is mandatory to register for a workshop.

English, Translation to Turkish will be available

Burcu Haydas
E-Mail: burcu.haydas@straumann.com
Phone: +90 312 419 01 91
Further information on: www.boneandtissue.com

InterContinental Hotel
Asker Ocagi Cad. No:1 Taksim
Istanbul, Turkey


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