Bone grafting in present days – how cerabone® plus can make the difference – WEBINAR

Dr. Laszlo Parkanyi

Bone augmentation today has changed a lot from the past few decades when our only option was autogenous bone. Using xenografts alone or in combination with autologous bone has made bone augmentation much more wide spread, and less invasive at the same time. Even bone substitutes as xenografts are continuously evolving to achieve more vital bone in preferably less healing time, while making handling as easy as possible. cerabone® plus is exactly this kind of material, and in this webinar, Dr. Parkanyi shows how it performs on a daily clinical basis.

Dr. Parkanyi is specialist in periodontology and graduate and postgraduate teacher at the University of Szeged, Department of Periodontology, Hungary. Since 2017, he has started his PhD studies at University of Szeged. Dr. Parkanyi is member of the ITI and EFP, and is currently working at the “High-Dent” private practice in Budapest, Hungary.

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