REVIEW 12 May 2023 | Skopje

Bone augmentation with state-of-the-art biomaterials – Possibilities and limitations

In the framework of the BaSS Congress

WORKSHOP 12:00-17:00
Several bone augmentation techniques have been described in the literature for the past decades. Starting from highly invasive procedures using solely autogenous bone, today we have far more opportunities with the use of evidence-based biomaterials. Today, Patients ask for less surgical procedures, shorter overall healing time, and definitely less invasiveness! Can we achieve that without compromising high predictability? When and how do state-of-the-art biomaterials let us achieve these goals, and where might there still be limitations? How can we make a two-stage procedure in one stage?
This lecture and hands-on course will cover some of the techniques for bone augmentation in advanced horizontal bone resorption situations and will provide answers to the questions above.

LOCATION: Vik Dental – Str. Naum Ohridski 2a – Skopje

FEE: Workshop – 150€

Vik Dental
Phone: +359 (02)3112-886
+359 (02)3109-180

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