Bone augmentation in the maxilla with maxgraft® bonebuilder

Dr. Michael Kristensen performs a bone augmentation in the aesthetic zone of the maxilla using a customized allogenic bone block (maxgraft® bonebuilder). Following presentation of the bone defect, the allogenic bone block is fixed with screws for osteosynthesis and an enamel matrix derivative (Straumann® Emdogain®) is applied. A barrier membrane (Jason® membrane) is used to cover the augmented site for Guided Bone Regeneration. For a good clinical outcome, proper soft tissue mobilization and tension-free, saliva-proof wound closure are essential.

Dr. Michael Kristensen, D.D.S is a dentist with focus on implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics and endodontics with two private practices in Aarhus, Denmark. He completed a postgraduate education curriculum in Implantology at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany and is an active Member of the Danish Society for Oral Implantology.

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