Dr. David Furze
United Kingdom (UK)



Bone augmentation in the mandible with maxgraft® bonebuilder
The surgeon Dr David Furze performs bone augmentation in an edentulous mandible using two allogenic bone blocks (maxgraft® bonebuilder). maxgraft® bonebuilder is a patient-customized allogenic bone block for two-stage alveolar ridge augmentation. Based on CT/CBCT scans of the patient, the bone block is virtually designed using the latest 3D-CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology. The final product is then milled from processed cancellous bone blocks originating from living human donors (explantation of femoral heads during hip endoprosthesis surgery). The individual design provides a precise fit between local bone and graft, enabling rapid revascularization and fast graft incorporation. The allogenic bone blocks are fixed with screws for osteosynthesis and a barrier membrane is used to cover the augmented site for Guided Bone Regeneration. For a good clinical outcome, proper soft-tissue mobilization and tension-free, saliva-proof wound closure are essential.
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