Application of buccal fat pad-derived stem cells in combination with autogenous iliac bone graft in the treatment of maxillomandibular atrophy: a preliminary human study.

Khojasteh A, Sadeghi N. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2016; 45(7):864-71.

This study assessed the efficacy of buccal fat pad-derived stem cells (BFPSCs) with iliac bone block grafting for the treatment of extensive human alveolar ridge defects.


Eight patients with extensive jaw atrophy were selected. Gaps between the blocks were filled with freeze-dried bone granules and covered with a Jason® membrane.

Results / Conclusion:

The application of BFPSCs in conjunction with iliac bone block grafts may increase the amount of new bone formation and decrease secondary bone resorption in extensively atrophic jaws.

Arash Khojasteh


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