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The botiss podcast – sharing experience around state-of-the-art regenerative dentistry from colleague to colleague

In this format, we exchange and interact with clinicians and scientists from the field of hard- and soft tissue regeneration, focusing on new trends, techniques and their daily experience, as well as the latest scientific developments and studies. Thank you to all colleagues for participating in this project and giving valuable insights into your field of expertise!

We are looking forward to your feedback about the podcast. Please also let us know which topics you are interested to hear about in future episodes by writing to podcast@botiss-campus.com

Episode 4: Cooperation with botiss and the bone ring technique
Nathalie Martin meets Orcan Yüksel

Dr. Orcan Yüksel is – together with Bernd Giesenhagen – the inventor of the allogenic Bone Ring Technique. They have developed an augmentation technique which allows bone transplantation and implant placement to be performed on large three-dimensional bone defects in a single surgery. Our colleague Nathalie Martin is talking with him about his long cooperation with botiss, the development of maxgraft® bonering and the technique itself. Orcan and Bernd have placed more than 1000 rings successfully – we are looking forward to Orcan sharing his experiences with us.

Episode 3: The pathway to becoming an international speaker for botiss
Jacek Suchan meets Piero Papi

Dr. Piero Papi, one of the youngest researchers at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, has already published several papers on the topics of hard and soft tissue regeneration applying a diverse range of clinical techniques. He also lectured at numerous national and international congresses and events. In this podcast, Dr Papi shares with us some of the most interesting studies he has conducted as university researcher and his experience of becoming an international speaker for botiss biomaterials.

Episode 2: New approaches in socket preservation and orthodontically driven corticotomy
Arturo Robertazzi meets Alfonso Caiazzo

Dr. Caiazzo shares with us his solid clinical experience on the Buccal Plate Preservation (BPP) technique, which aims at preventing the eventuality of an unaesthetic outcome due to the resorption of the buccal plate. In addition, Dr. Caiazzo briefly discusses a new approach for regenerative orthodontics, based on the application of the application of bone grafting materials and combined with mucoderm®, which allows to expand the bony basis and the alveolar regeneration and to further increase the soft tissue profile.

Episode 1: Biomaterials in immediacy
Jacek Suchan meets Massimo Frosecchi

Shorter treatment times and growing clinical and scientific evidence have made immediacy protocols increasingly popular in the past years.
In this podcast, Dr. Massimo Frosecchi shares with us his experience in the field of immediacy with particular attention to the choice of the right combination of biomaterials.


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