Absorbable membranes for GBR procedures

Daniel Rothamel

The principle of guided bone regeneration (GBR) is based on the spatial separation of the bone graft and the overlying connective tissue.

Whereas in the past the intact periosteum was discussed as suitable membrane for GBR procedures, today the application of mechanical barriers in combination with bone grafting materials are highly esteemed. Although decades ago, non-absorbable membranes were considered as gold standard for guided bone regeneration, more and more absorbable collagen membranes were established as barrier membranes over the years. Assessing the variability of the collagen membranes, several differences exist, such as the tissue of origin, the barrier time, the tissue integration and the pattern of the cellular reaction and biodegradation.

Less controversially discussed is the negative influence of the chemical cross-linking of the collagen fibrils with regard to the wound healing process, although it´s known to be related to a delayed resorption process. Hence, new ways of preventing the fast resorption of native collagen are in the focus of the research. This webinar demonstrates the benefits of absorbable membranes with regard to their biocompatibility, barrier function and discusses the importance of an early angiogenesis.

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