10 Years Clinical Application of cerabone® – Why, When and How?

Damir Jelusic

Dr. Jelusic gives a comprehensive overview about the use of cerabone® in a multitude of indications and bone augmentation procedures based on his long-term clinical experience. He in addition stresses the advantages of the material in certain clinical situations such as alveolar socket preservation, immediate implant placement and sinus floor augmentation. cerabone® is a 100% pure bone mineral of bovine origin that has been successfully applied in more than 1 Million patients in regenerative dentistry. Its non-resorbability, owing to its exceptional purity, provides stability of the augmented sites on a long-term basis. Damir Jelušić is one of the leading Croatian dental clinicians. He is the vice president of the implantation section of the Croatian Society of Periodontology (HPD), and active member of a number of national and international associations including EAO, ICOI and the Croatian Society of Dental Implantology (HDDI). Dr. Jelušić runs a private clinic focused on implantology and periodontology in Opatija, Croatia.

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